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Dedicated caregiver. Distinguished provider. Ambassador of health. There’s no exaggerating the significance of the role you’ll serve as a physician in America’s Navy – A Global Force For Good.™


In America’s Navy, you can practice medicine that’s truly patient-focused. Avoiding the typical business concerns of private practice. Expanding the impact of your caregiving. Serving your passion, your country and humanity – as part of the world-renowned network of Navy Health Care. Here you can:

·         Earn excellent compensation in an established, thriving practice

·         Operate free of start-up costs, equipment expenses and insurance fees

·         Expect manageable patient ratios for high-quality, one-on-one care

·         Further your expertise via hands-on experience and Navy-funded advanced training

·         Distinguish yourself with pride and respect as a physician and a Medical Corps Officer


As a Navy Physician, you will provide wide-ranging care for Sailors, Marines and servicemembers – and their families. In this position, you will do everything a typical physician does – with the opportunity to set yourself apart and go beyond the routine:

·         Diagnose ailments, treat injuries and save lives

·         Contribute to disaster relief efforts across our country and around the globe

·         Serve victims of everything from sickness to combat, disease to poverty, hurricanes to tsunamis

·         Utilize some of the most advanced technology on the planet

·         Work at top military medical facilities on shore, at sea and in the field

·         Team with top health-care professionals on the highly respected Navy Health Care team


There are opportunities in more than 30 medical specialty and subspecialty areas.

Whatever your focus, you’ll find Navy Medicine progressive, pioneering advances in everything from congenital heart defects to next-generation vaccine technology.


Wherever you are in your medical career, the Navy can help you attain your goals with generous scholarships, financial assistance and continued education programs.

As a medical student: Get 100% tuition coverage for medical school – along with a monthly stipend of $1,992 to cover living expenses. And on top of that: a sign-on bonus of up to $20,000.

As a medical resident: Get potentially over $275,000 to pay off student loans and cover living expenses during a typical four-year residency. That’s an annual grant of $45,000 paid directly to you on top of your normal salary – plus a monthly stipend of $1,992.

Already a practicing physician? Get a sign-on bonus from $220,000 to $400,000* right from the start. On top of that, collect up to $120,000* in medical school loan repayment assistance by applying to receive $40,000 each year for up to three years.

Contact a Navy Medical Officer Recruiter for complete offer details.

*Offer depends on specialty, service requirement and availability.


To qualify for Active Duty employment consideration in the Navy Medical Corps, you must meet the following requirements:

·         Be a U.S. citizen or a foreign citizen licensed to practice in the U.S. (contact a Navy Medical Officer Recruiter for details)

·         Be a graduate of an eligible medical school accredited by the AMA or the AOA

·         Have completed one year of graduate school in a program approved by the AMA or AOA (interns currently in training may also apply)

·         Have a current state medical license within one year of entering the Navy Medical Corps

·         Be willing to serve a minimum of three years of Active Duty

·         Be between the ages of 18 and 62 (qualified candidates over the age of 62 will be considered on a case-by-case basis)

·         Be in good physical condition and pass a full medical examination

Right now, the need for physicians is critical in America’s Navy – so answer the call. To learn more about this full-time opportunity, Apply Now and fill out the brief form.


You don’t have to leave your current position to enjoy the challenges and rewards of Navy Medicine. Consider the Navy Reserve and commit to as few as two days each month and two weeks each year with opportunities for additional service and pay.

Serving part-time as a Medical Officer in the Navy Reserve, you can enjoy some real, practical advantages. Standard benefits include:

·         Four days’ basic pay for only two drilling days each month

·         Tax-free grocery and retail shopping at military stores

·         VA home loans (based on service commitment)

·         Low-cost life insurance options up to $400,000

·         Recreational opportunities at low or no cost

·         Annual worldwide travel opportunities

·         Points toward retirement with each drill

Plus, you can receive outstanding financial incentives:*

Practicing physicians – Join as a professional and choose any one of three outstanding offers:*

·         Up to $75,000 in specialty pay

·         Up to $50,000 in medical school loan repayment assistance

·         An immediate one-time sign-on bonus of up to $10,000

Medical residents – Join as a resident and receive:

·         A monthly stipend of $1,992 while completing your residency program

·         Plus up to $50,000 in medical school loan repayment assistance

* Offers cannot be combined and depend on specialty. Sign-on bonus offer option available only to those with prior Navy experience (NAVET).

Note: Offers based on service commitment. Contact a Navy Reserve Medical Officer Recruiter for complete offer details.

To learn more about serving part-time as a physician in the Navy Reserve, click here to fill out a brief form.



As a full-time Navy Medical Officer, you can look forward to excellent benefits that include:

·         Competitive salary and supplemental pay

·         Scheduled pay raises and regular promotions

·         Advanced training funded by the Navy

·         Comprehensive health coverage (includes family)

·         Generous retirement income plus a 401(k)-like savings plan

·         30 days of vacation with pay earned every year

·         Tax-free allowances for housing, meals and shopping (at military stores)

·         Free or low-cost world travel opportunities

·         And much more

All this – with the pride, purpose and satisfaction of serving your country. With no malpractice or business-related costs as a military doctor. With a more reasonable and flexible schedule than typically found in private practice. Giving you ample time to devote to your career, your family and personal pursuits.

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